what is luv sticks?

It’s about spreading luv all over the world!!!

HOW?  By mindfully and luvingly leaving notes wherever you are drawn to do so…

WHAT?  3×3 sticky notes with luving affirmations/sayings/words. Each note is a tiny handmade 1-of-a-kind art piece. I have detached from each one of them as they were never meant for me, but for a global venture to spread luv everywhere and anywhere we can!

WHERE?  Some examples: on a car windshield, behind a box of crackers at the grocery store, behind a flyer at a coffee shop, in the backseat pocket of your next flight, inside a book. The options are endless!

WHEN?  Whenever the heck you want! Follow your gut and your intuition. And please don’t think much about it. Just have fun with it! There are always more notes to be acquired if you run out ;)

WHY?  As I mentioned above, to spread luv all over the world!!! If each of us leaves luving notes everywhere we go, we are also leaving luving energy everywhere we go. And other people will energetically pick up on that, either consciously or sub-consciously. How it is received and by whom is not necessary for us “note-leavers” to know. The universe will be sure it lands in the right hands. Or the universe will spread it around itself (via notes that get accidentally thrown away or are never found).

WHO?  Any of us can do this. If you want to open your heart to others; if you want to spread love just cause; if you are struggling with something; if you are lacking in love; if you are looking for more self-love; if you want to join together in this luvfest (yeah, I know that sounds kinda naughty, but that’s part of luv too!)… Basically, every single person can resonate with 1 or more of these situations, so there is no way it can’t serve every single person in some magnitude.

So, let’s STICK together and take NOTE of the LUV that unfolds around us!!! (witty, I know.)


LUV sticks™

3 thoughts on “what is luv sticks?

    1. Hi Allison! I’d love to send along some love notes to you. Please fill out the form on my website so I can reach out to you via email. Thanks so much for your interest!


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