what if i find one?

So, you know what to do if you are the person leaving the luv notes. Now, what do you do if you find one??? This part is even more exciting…

Step 1: Know and trust that this note was meant for YOU at this exact moment in your life. And if it helps for you to trust me telling you that this is truly true, than go for it. I’m a terrible liar.

Step 2: Take a cool photo of the newfound note with your smart phone.

Step 3: Post it to Instagram, stating where you found it (this could be the city, place and/or the object you found it on) and a short statement/story about how it resonates with you. Of course, only share what YOU are comfortable sharing. If that’s just the photo, cool. No matter what you choose, we are all connecting via these tiny tokens of luv. #luvsticks

Step 4: If you remember and feel inclined to do so, please tag @luvsticks. The #luvsticks is way more important though, as we want to blow that hashtag up people!!!

Some people that leave the luv notes may also post their photos, so this would be a cool way for complete strangers to connect in a luving way! Every single note is handmade and unique, so you will definitely be able to recognize your note on IG ;)

Have fun with this and embrace your luv note…it was so meant for YOU!

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